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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is very unique based on core values & vast experience from past.

We believe that discipline is the most essential part of the education curriculum. It is the first lesson a student must learn.

We have designed our curriculum with the basic. Our stress is that a child must have a good hand writing skills with speed & accuracy. Prime attention is given in KG sections that student learn to make letters properly. Upper case, lower case & cursive writing is taught in KG sections. With this student learns to spell & write the sounds of a, e, i, o, u . Hindi is also taught with the basics of MATRA GYAN. Tables up to 12 with addition, subtraction, counting, after, before, concepts of more & less are also taught. General knowledge & general science is also taught.

Every child is given a chance to come and rhyme poems in front of class, kids develop confidence and inherit shyness is removed. Oral exercises are performed by student. They learn to lead from front. Teachers encourage students with games & affection.

We treat child with his own will to distinguish between right & wrong. This makes him self conscious and independent decision maker. Any kind of physical punishment is never given.

Primary sections from 1st to 5th are the budding grounds of the future talent. Utmost care is given at this stage of life.

Children are fast learners & great followers, we thus ensure that every message they get from teachers, is a positive and

ideal. We believe that good hand writing, accurate mathematics, reading & correct spellings is the most important area to focus. Science & Social studies are also means to learn the aforesaid basics. They hold the application of the skills.

Daily dictation & writing sessions improves the child skills. Stress is given that students must copy properly from the board with accuracy & good hand writing.

Any lesson is first read by the students in the class. Chance is given to every student to read few lines turn by turn. Teachers help with pronunciation of difficult words and explain meaning. Once every student has finished reading they are encouraged to ask doubts they have. It initiates a thought process & general discussion in class. Every student participates in this group exercise.

Once discussion with confusion is over the teacher now explains the lesson again with clear picture without confusion with logic. Stress is given on understanding rather than mugging.

A second round of questions & discussion starts for exercise given in the lesson.

We encourage child to be thoughtful & creative rather than a follower.