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Parenting Techniques

Parenting Techniques

Parents must develop habit of neatness & cleanliness in the child from very beginning. Sending him/her to school in proper uniform daily & punctually is a way to build an ideal character in your child.

Parents must ensure that their ward carry books & copies according to the time table, name & class must be neatly written on the books & Copies.
Parents must pay attention to the home work & class work of the student.

It is compulsory for students to bring school diary daily to school. Parents must observe that child is doing his work regularly and following instruction accordingly.

Parents must immediately update any change in address or phone numbers in school records & school diary.

Copying home work / mathematics exercise from other students is a bad habit. This is not good for development of child. Parents must stay vigilant about this to ensure that their child works hard to learn and acquire knowledge, skills & self confidence

Home tuition's/Coaching is more of a fashion than necessity now days. It is harmful for budding minds as it kills student creativity and thinking ability. It makes child dependent & lazy.

Our culture is rich of moral values. Teachers hold a very special & dignified position in society. Students must be taught to respect their elders & teacher. Though in today scenario things are not the same as they were but those moral values & ethics still holds importance. We must not criticize teachers or schools in front of students. No system is complete in it self, we must do efforts to make one. This is possible with your thought full suggestions & support.

We expect from parents to deposit school fees in time.

We expect that parents must keep an eye on other activities of their child. They may seek psychological & behavioral advice from us.

Parents must encourage their child to participate in school’s cultural & sports activity.

Students must attend his/her classes daily. Parents must avoid unnecessary long leaves of their ward from school. This may lead to termination of student from school.

Parent must seek permission of principal to meet the lecturers and teachers in concern of their ward.

Students leaving from school going out station must get their Transfer Certificate counter signed by District Education Officer. Parents must keep photocopy of all relevant mark sheets & TC issued safely

Parents must preserve all Mark Sheet & records relevant to their child for future requirements.

Parents must immediately inform school authority about any illness of their child as depression, epilepsy, hearing loss, weak eye sight, asthma , mental illness, heart problem, paralysis , physical disability etc.

It is parent/student duty to obtain progress report & stay informed for notification from time to time from school.

We wish that parents & students must contacts us in concern about their ward